Laptop and Jewellery taken in Coventry Road Burglary

At some point between 9.30am and 2.30pm on Monday 3 October, offenders used a screwdriver to force open the rear door of a cottage home in Coventry Road, Kenilworth.  Once inside the premises the offenders carried out an untidy search before making off with a laptop computer and items of jewellery.

Please keep a keen eye out for suspicious vehicles or individuals loitering around homes or in streets. If you see such behaviour please report it immediately so it can be checked out as soon as possible.

If you have any information regarding this crime please call Warwickshire Police on 01926 415000 and refer to Incident 229 of 3 October 2011.

Burglars Back in Kenilworth

Burglary at Admiral Gardens on 13 September
Between 8am and 5.30pm on 13 September offenders forced open the kitchen window at a home in Admiral Gardens, Kenilworht and entered the premises.  Once inside, the offenders stole two laptop computers and items of jewellery.
Burglary at Malthouse Lane on 18 September

At some point before 12.40pm on 18 September offenders forced open the patio door at a home in Malthouse Lane, Kenilworth and entered the house.  Several items were stolen.
Please keep a lookout for suspicious individuals and vehicles.
If you have information that you believe may be connected to either of these incidents please contact Police on 01926 415000 quoting the incident number given.  Thankyou.

Dangerous and Opportunist Theft in Kenilworth

Incident 311 of 15 August
At some point before 6.20pm on 15 August offenders approached the side of a home in Forge Road, Kenilworth and forced open the door of a cupboard housing the gas meter.  The offenders cut the supply to the meter and then cut the meter out of the cupboard.
Incident 129 of 15 August
At some point between 6pm on 11 and 8am on 15 August offenders stole a silver grey Scott sub 30 ladies bike from the rear of flats in Harbourne Close, Kenilworth.
Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons or activity around your own or neighbouring homes and please report anything of concern to police.

Crime Alert – Kenilworth!!

Please be aware that criminals are at work in Kenilworth again! There have been incidents in Whitemoor Road, Beech Drive and out at Burton Green in the past few days. Please read the details below and keep a sharp lookout as we advised last week. If you see anyone acting suspiciously then contact the police IMMEDIATELY so they can check individuals out.
BEECH DRIVE – Incident 2 of 24 July 2011
Between 12noon on 17 and midnight on 24 July offenders broke into a home in Beech Drive, Kenilworth and searched the premises.  The offenders stole several items and are believed to have been looking for the keys to a high powered vehicle parked on the drive.
WHITEMOOR ROAD – Incident 408 of 3 August 2011
At 9.45pm on 3 August an offender walked into a home in Whitemoor Raod, Kenilworth whilst the front door was unlocked and was distubed in the hallway by the resident of the house.  The offender quickly made off empty handed.  The offender is described as a mixed race male aged between 18 and 21 years.  He was tall with afro style hair and wore a purple tshirt.
BURTON GREEN – Incident 2 of 6 August 2011

Between 5pm on 5 and 1am on 6 August offenders entered a home in Red Lane, Burton Green through an insecure kitchen window.  The offender then stole a laptop computer.
If you have information that you believe may be connected to any of these incidents please contact Kenilworth Police quoting the incident number given. (Phone 01926 684404)

Keep a Sharp Lookout

There have been several incidents of crime over the past couple of weeks, which on the face of things to those not personally affected, may be considered minor. In reality, this is not the case, consider if you were the victim of: your car number plates being stolen or some aspect of your home targeted. In the past couple of weeks some people have experienced their car number plates being stolen or lead flashing being removed from their roofs.

There has also been an increase in scrap metal dealers touring the town looking to take away any metal items. Whilst its not suggested this is in anyway a crime, there have been incidents where metal items within sight of the road that have not been put out for scrap collection have been taken.

So the advice is clear, keep and maintain a sharp outlook at all times. Many crimes like these take place because we are not paying attention to what is going on in our surroundings, they are opportunist.


If you park in the street or even on your own drive check everytime you go to your vehicle that the number plates are on it. If the plates have gone then REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY! – This is critical because in most cases number plates are stolen to place on another vehicle that is going to commit crime. If you report it then the national Automatic Number Plate Recognition system used by the police and at many fuel garages can be updated.


Keep a keen eye out for people loitering around or acting suspiciously and if you see such behaviour don’t be afraid to report it to the police whilst it is taking place. Make sure anything of any value is out of sight if possible or locked down to make stealing it difficult.


Don’t leave metal items lying around and within sight of the road, it only takes one unscrupulous operator to make their move and your property will be gone forever.


You may have an elderly neighbour who is less physically able than others. Please think of them and see if they need any help to follow this advice. They will be reassured to know you are looking out for them just by you asking and it only takes a short time.

If you have any concerns or want further advice then please contact Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01926 684404