Kenilworth Crime Alert – 5 April 2013

Kenilworth Residents are being urged by Warwickshire Police and Neighbourhood Watch to be much more vigilant after a spate of burglaries in various parts of the town have taken place this week.


Police advise that it seems most of the crimes are being committed between 1800hrs through to the early hours of the morning.


Since Wednesday 3 April this week there have been  5 burglaries in Kenilworth.


Homes in Eden Croft, High St and Thornby Avenue have been hit with two more homes now added to the list for which we have not yet got details from Warwickshire Police apart from confirmation that they are in Kenilworth.  We ask that everyone remains vigilant and alert.


If you see:


  • any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity in your area


  • people you do not recognise going from door to door


Please contact Warwickshire Police immediately on 101 to report what you have seen.


Please dial 999 in an emergency or if you believe that a burglary maybe in progress.


Don’t leave it to others to report things, they may think the same as you, that someone else will report it and in the event no one reports it! Kenilworth is normally a low crime area so please do not become alarmed or seriously worried.


Warwickshire Police have increased patrols across the town but they need us to play our part by keeping a keen and close lookout for what is going on around us in our neighbourhood. We want to keep our community a low crime area but that requires all of us to play our part.


If you require any assistance or crime prevention advice please contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) for Kenilworth on 01926 684404.

You can email the SNT at: 


This Crime Alert was published by Crown Watch, providing Neighbourhood Watch for Windy Arbour North, Tulip Tree Avenue and the eastern end of  Whitemoor Road. It has also been posted on the Kenilworth Neighbourhood Watch website at:


Remember, if you see something going on that looks suspicious don’t delay call the Police.

Click below for printed Crime Alert

Crime Alert 5 April 2013

Vigilance Needed – 3 Burglaries in One Night – High St, Eden Croft and Thornby Avenue, Kenilworth

Residents are being asked to be vigilant as burglars visited Kenilworth overnight on the 2 and 3 April 2013. If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary then please check what you can safely (don’t approach persons or put yourself in danger), but if what you can see or hear seems suspicious then it probably is. In these circumstances, don’t delay or think someone else will do something, pick up the phone and dial 999.
Please see details below for information on events that took place overnight between 2 and 3 April 2013 ;
Incident 68 of 3 April
  • During the night, 2 into 3 April, offenders entered a home in High Street, Kenilworth and stole the keys to a Honda vehicle.  They keys were then used to steal the vehicle from outside.
Incident 97 of 3 April
  • Also during the night, offenders smashed the rear patio doors of a home in Eden Croft, Kenilworth and entered the premises to steal several items.
Incident 110 of 3 April
  • Again during the night, 2 into 3 April, offenders entered a home in Thornby Avenue and carried out an untidy search before making off with several items.
If anyone saw anything at or near these locations, or indeed anything suspicious in and around the town on the evening of the 2 April or the early morning of 3 April please contact Warwickshire Police on 101. You can call anonymously if you wish by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Kenilworth Update for April 2013 Now Published

Latest Kenilworth Update  (April 2013) (published by Crown Watch in support and with the assistance of Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team and endorsed by Kenilworth’s Community Forum)

Ken Update April 2013 A

Latest Kenilworth Update  (March 2013) (published by Crown Watch in support and with the assistance of Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team and endorsed by Kenilworth’s Community Forum)

Kenilworth SNT Update March 2013

Cars and computers taken in March burglaries at Kenilworth

Incident 275 of 1 March 2013
Between 1.45pm and 5.25pm on 1 March offenders smashed the kitchen window of a home in Ilam Park, Kenilworth and then entered the house to steal the keys to a high powered vehicle.  The offenders then used the keys to steal the vehicle from outside.
Incident 107 of 4 March 2013
At some point before 11.30am on 4 March offenders broke into a home at a retirement development in Ashdene Gardens, Kenilworth, causing damage.  Nothing appears to have been stolen.
Incident 30 of 12 March 2013
During the night of 11 into 12 March offenders entered a home in Chestnut Avenue, Kenilworth and stole a laptop computer and the keys to a Jaguar vehicle.  The offenders then used the keys to steal the vehicle from outside.
Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity around your own or neighbouring homes and please report anything unusual, or of concern, to Police on 101.

Keys, Pepsi and Littering in latest Burglary Activity

Incident 168 of 23 February 2013
Between 10.30am on 22 and 8am on 23 February, offenders forced a key safe off the wall of a home in Walnut Tree Close, Kenilworth and then forced it open and used the key to enter the property.Once inside, the offenders carried out a search of all of the rooms before leaving the house and locking it behind them.  It is not clear if anything was stolen.
Incident 64 of 18 February 2013
Between 10am on 16 and 9.20am on 18 February offenders entered a garage and a barn at the rear of a home in Red Lane, Burton Green.  Once inside, the offenders stole various supplies, dropping various items across the lawn.  A quantity of Pepsi was stolen
If you saw anything suspicious please call the police on 101.

Ignored Advice Attracts More Burglaries

A plea from Kenilworth Neighbourhood Watch for residents to take more interest in their community and heed the regular advice of Police and Neighbourhood Watch has been made as news has come in of two further burglaries in Kenilworth over the weekend of 26/27 January 2013.

In one of the events garden tools left outside were used by the offenders to gain entry to the property, whilst in the other event entry was even simpler through a door left open and thus insecure. The monthly neighbourhood watch “Kenilworth Update” for the town, said “It’s really disheartening and frustrating that both Neighbourhood Watch and the Police repeatedly try to warn residents of the things that they should avoid doing that can help thieves and yet it seems we are not being heard.”

“Our Safer Neighbourhood Team can only do so much and they are very proactive but each individual has to take responsibility themselves and play their part too”

“Ideally we want everyone in Kenilworth to sign up to receiving our monthly crime update, which they can receive free through email or access at our Crown Watch website. Only by getting everyone taking the messages and playing a part do we stand a chance of making Kenilworth somewhere it is hard to commit crime” they added.

Two homes in the town were targeted over the weekend in Amherst Road and Woodmill Meadows, anyone that saw anything or who may have any information about these latest crimes are asked to contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 111 555