ALERT – Burglaries at homes in St Johns Street & Fieldgate Lane, Kenilworth

Between 8.40 and 9.30am on Wednesday 9 December, offenders climbed onto the porch roof of a home in St Johns Street, Kenilworth and then forced open the hinges on a bedroom window to access the house. Once inside the offenders stole a PSP console, a Nintendo Wii, a laptop computer, a playstation, a 21in television and computer and monitor and some American white leather Nike trainers.

A witness saw a mint coloured vehicle, possibly a Renault, parked at the side of the premises at around 8.30am. The driver of the vehicle was seen to be loading items and is described as a white male, around 6ft tall and wearing sunglasses. A second male was white with blond spiked hair.

Between midnight and 2.20am on Thursday 3 December offenders entered a home in Fieldgate Lane, Kenilworth and stole several items including high value watches and the keys to an Audi S4 Quattro, which was then stolen from the driveway.

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