Tell us what you think

Is it worth having a Neighbourhood Watch scheme?

Crown Watch is all about us looking our for one another. If you are going away for a few days let your Co-ordinator know so we can keep a lookout for anything suspicious. If we keep ourselves informed about what is going on around us and in our community then we stand a much better chance of protecting our homes and property, many of the things that are most precious to us. It is down to each one of us to do our bit, but what do you think?

We want to know and we wont be offended by your answers, do you think its worth us going on with the newsletters, crime alerts and the recently introduced website?

So please take a few minutes to tell us, just click on leave a comment below. We will read every comment and let you know what everyone has said in a couple of months and what we intend to do

2 Replies to “Tell us what you think”

  1. Thanks for the updates received through the letter box and on the web site.

    It is definitely worth having crown watch it serves as a reminder and peace of mind

    I will be keeping a lookout for anything suspicious

  2. Definitely in favour of Neighbourhood Watch schemes. Helpful to know we all keeping a watch out for each other.
    A useful deterrent to any suspicious character surely?

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