Car Key Burglary (BMW stolen off drive) & Jewellery Burglary

Please be aware of the following burglaries which have occurred at homes in Kenilworth over recent days.

At just before 10.20pm on 18 July a witness reported 3 lads running down the road, away from a home in Littleton Close, where the intruder alarm was sounding. Two white males and one black male ran towards Fenny Lane carrying items of property.

It was then discovered that the offenders had forced open a set of French doors at the property, entered the house and stolen items of jewellery, including a Breitling watch.

At 2.55am on 19 July offenders kicked in the front door of a home in Saville Grove, Kenilworth and stole the keys to a black BMW vehicle which was then stolen from outside.

If you saw or heard anything suspicious in either of these areas that you believe may be connected to either of the incidents please contact Kenilworth Police quoting incident number 33 of 19 July.

These latest events are part of an increase in the number of burglaries in the Kenilworth area so please could we ask you to all check your security arrangements, ensure that you close and secure all ground floor doors and windows when they are not in use, overnight or when leaving your home unattended.

Please also remain actively on the alert for anything out of the ordinary or suspicious in your area and please report what you see, or your concerns to police on 999

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