Another spate of criminal activity across Kenilworth


During the night of 10 into 11 September offenders entered a Vauxhall vehicle parked in Priory Road, Kenilworth and stole various documents from the glovebox. During the same night offenders entered a Toyota vehicle parked in Waverley Road, Kenilworth.  The stole a manual from the glovebox and may have been looking for a sat nav as a sat nav cradle had been left in the window. Between 11.15am and 9.45pm on 11 September offenders entered an insecure vehicle parked in Station Road, Kenilworth and stole a laptop computer.

During the night of 11 into 12 September offenders entered a home in Woodland Court, Woodland Road, Kenilworth via the kitchen window and stole a laptop computer. During the same night offenders stole a Yamaha 125cc motorcycle from a home in Castle Road, Kenilworth.  The bike was later found burnt out on a nearby footpath.

If you have information that you believe may be connected to any of these incidents please contact Kenilworth Police quoting incident number 145 of 12 September.

These events highlight the need to AVOID leaving laptops and sat navs etc in vehicles – if you do leave these in the vehicle you are inviting criminal attention. Even when such valuables are out of sight, it’s bad enough that your car has been damaged because criminals are breaking in to see if such items are in the vehicle. It’s even worse for you if the criminals strike lucky because you have left them a gift! (Hatchback cars are particularly prone to this type of criminal attention.)

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