Crime Alert – Kenilworth!!

Please be aware that criminals are at work in Kenilworth again! There have been incidents in Whitemoor Road, Beech Drive and out at Burton Green in the past few days. Please read the details below and keep a sharp lookout as we advised last week. If you see anyone acting suspiciously then contact the police IMMEDIATELY so they can check individuals out.
BEECH DRIVE – Incident 2 of 24 July 2011
Between 12noon on 17 and midnight on 24 July offenders broke into a home in Beech Drive, Kenilworth and searched the premises.  The offenders stole several items and are believed to have been looking for the keys to a high powered vehicle parked on the drive.
WHITEMOOR ROAD – Incident 408 of 3 August 2011
At 9.45pm on 3 August an offender walked into a home in Whitemoor Raod, Kenilworth whilst the front door was unlocked and was distubed in the hallway by the resident of the house.  The offender quickly made off empty handed.  The offender is described as a mixed race male aged between 18 and 21 years.  He was tall with afro style hair and wore a purple tshirt.
BURTON GREEN – Incident 2 of 6 August 2011

Between 5pm on 5 and 1am on 6 August offenders entered a home in Red Lane, Burton Green through an insecure kitchen window.  The offender then stole a laptop computer.
If you have information that you believe may be connected to any of these incidents please contact Kenilworth Police quoting the incident number given. (Phone 01926 684404)

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