Thefts in Tappinger Grove and Stoneleigh Road

Garden shed forced and items taken

At some point between 9pm on 3 and 8am on 4 January 2012, offenders climbed over the rear wall of a house in Tappinger Close, Kenilworth and into the garden.  The offenders damaged the top bricks of the wall and then forced the lock off a shed in the garden.
Once inside the shed, the offenders stole a cordless drill along with around 30 miniature cars.
Vehicle Keys Fished from House and Vehicle Taken

Between midnight and 7.30am on 3 January, offenders entered a home in Stoneleigh Road, possibly through a catflap, and stole the keys to a Mazda vehicle.  The keys were then used to steal the vehicle from the garage.
Please remain alert,  on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity around your own or neighbouring homes and please report anything of concern to police on 101.

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