CRIME ALERT – FURTHER BURGLARIES – Redthorne Grove & Lower Ladyes Hill Kenilworth

NHW WK Burglaries at homes in Redthorne Grove and Lower Ladyes Hills, Kenilworth on 15 August
You may already be aware that there has been a series of burglaries in Kenilworth between 6 August and today.  Many of these burglaries have been in the Park Hill area and may be the work of one offender.
In each of the burglaries the offender has smashed windows or patio doors and has stolen televisions and other items.  The burglaries are happening between 8am and 5.30pm and may be linked to a suspicious incident on 24 July when a white male in his 30’s was disturbed as he tried to enter a home also in the same area, via a kitchen window.  It is possible that the offender is using a small silver hatchback vehicle.
The latest two burglaries are as follows:
Incident 254 of 15 August
Between 8am and 4.30pm on 15 August offenders broke a ground floor window at a home in Redthorne Grove, Kenilworth and entered the premises.  Once inside, the offenders stole several items.
Incident 369 of 15 August

Between 9.30am and 6.30pm also yesterday, 15 August, offenders forced open the kitchen window of a home in Lower Ladyes Hills and then climbed into the house.  This activated the intruder alarm and the offender quickly made off.  Nothing was stolen.
We need your help to catch this offender.  Please could you be alert and actively on the lookout for suspicious persons or activity around your own or neighbouring homes, particularly if you live in the Park Hill area.  If you spot anything that you feel is odd or suspicious then it probably is as you will know the comings and goings around your immediate vicinity, therefore, please dial 101 and report what you have seen.  If you believe that a burglary is in progress then please dial 999.  Thankyou.

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