Warning for Ford Fiesta Owners in Kenilworth

Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team (Police) issued a warning on 28th December 2012 to owners of Ford Fiesta’s that have alloy wheels. The warning was issued as a result of four separate incidents in recent days on the “Knights Meadow” estate in the Kenilworth.

Knights Meadow is situated in eastern area of the town and the main roads through the estate are Dencer Drive, Rawnsley Drive and Leyes Lane. Police Community Support Officer, Craig Ricardo said ” We are appealing to all owners of Ford Fiesta’s fitted with alloy wheels to be aware and take sensible measures to protect their vehicles. Clearly the thieves are interested in alloy wheels for this particular model of vehicle. We want owners to be vigilant and if anyone is seen around vehicles, including private drives, that are suspicious please call it in on 999 immediately”.

The vehicles that have had their alloy wheels removed and stolen have been left on bricks so the thieves work quietly and in the early hours. Here are some of the measures vehicle owners can take:

  • Park the vehicle as close to your home as possible
  • Keep a small window open so you can hear any sounds nearby that might indicate suspicious or criminal activity
  • If you have a double drive park vehicles as close together as possible making access to some of the wheels difficult to impossible (you might want to get someone to help with this by standing in front and guiding you so you don’t bump the other vehicle)
  • make sure that you have at least two locking wheel nuts on each wheel – it makes it more difficult
  • Obtain Smartwater and make sure its put on all of your alloy wheels

If Crown Watch gets any further updates we will publish them here on the website.

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