Kenilworth Crime Alert – 5 April 2013

Kenilworth Residents are being urged by Warwickshire Police and Neighbourhood Watch to be much more vigilant after a spate of burglaries in various parts of the town have taken place this week.


Police advise that it seems most of the crimes are being committed between 1800hrs through to the early hours of the morning.


Since Wednesday 3 April this week there have been  5 burglaries in Kenilworth.


Homes in Eden Croft, High St and Thornby Avenue have been hit with two more homes now added to the list for which we have not yet got details from Warwickshire Police apart from confirmation that they are in Kenilworth.  We ask that everyone remains vigilant and alert.


If you see:


  • any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity in your area


  • people you do not recognise going from door to door


Please contact Warwickshire Police immediately on 101 to report what you have seen.


Please dial 999 in an emergency or if you believe that a burglary maybe in progress.


Don’t leave it to others to report things, they may think the same as you, that someone else will report it and in the event no one reports it! Kenilworth is normally a low crime area so please do not become alarmed or seriously worried.


Warwickshire Police have increased patrols across the town but they need us to play our part by keeping a keen and close lookout for what is going on around us in our neighbourhood. We want to keep our community a low crime area but that requires all of us to play our part.


If you require any assistance or crime prevention advice please contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) for Kenilworth on 01926 684404.

You can email the SNT at: 


This Crime Alert was published by Crown Watch, providing Neighbourhood Watch for Windy Arbour North, Tulip Tree Avenue and the eastern end of  Whitemoor Road. It has also been posted on the Kenilworth Neighbourhood Watch website at:


Remember, if you see something going on that looks suspicious don’t delay call the Police.

Click below for printed Crime Alert

Crime Alert 5 April 2013


2 Replies to “Kenilworth Crime Alert – 5 April 2013”

  1. Joyce Webster, Community watch Thickthorn Orcghards + Thickthorn Mews says:

    I have had quite a few scam e-mails recently. Three from banks- I have no account with them and now from a “friend” asking for money because he is stranded abroad. We phoned and he is at home. I just thought you ought to know.

    1. Joyce, Many thanks it is certainly good to know what is taking place in our area. Whilst we can and do put out warnings these on their own often have limited impact. When we hear such activity is ACTUALLY taking place in our area (Kenilworth) that provides a much greater and stronger message about heeding warnings. Thanks for letting us know, unfortunately, it seems this is an increasing menace and we will try to keep abreast of the latest advice and issue on this by maintaining contact with the SNT and Warwickshire Trading Standards.

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