Summer Crime Warning

Sergeant Dave Kettle of the Warwick District Rural Safer Neighbourhood Teams, has issued advice to residents across the area that his teams cover.
Sergeant Kettle said”The message around keeping properties secure in the summer months is a perennial one, however this year it is more pertinent than ever.  Recent burglaries in Kenilworth and surrounding villages clearly show that currently there are burglars solely targeting houses which are not left secure – be it through unlocked doors and patios or open ground floor windows.Whilst concerted efforts are being made to identify and arrest these offenders it is far preferable to not become a victim in the first place.  The advice is simple but worth repeating, please make sure your property is secure when going out, no matter how short the period, or when retiring to bed.”

Beat Manager for Kenilworth, PC Pete King added “Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) is doing all it can by working with all sections of the community to help prevent crime. Over the past few weeks, whilst on patrol members of SNT have noticed insecure premises, garage doors left open with property on view and valuable items such as sat nav devices left on show in vehicles. We need people to respond to our advice and avoid helping criminals making them the next victim of crime.”

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