Bike Thefts in Kenilworth

Owners of bikes, particularly the more expensive off road type cycles that can cost several hundreds and in some case thousands of pounds are being warned by Warwickshire Police’s Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team to take all possible precautions to keep their bikes secure. This follows a spate of bicycle thefts in the town recently.

It is believed that the bikes are being stolen and then being sold on at marked down prices so this indicates there is a ready market for stolen cycles, a crucial element for thief who needs to obtain goods they can get rid of for cash. Please DO NOT make it easy for thieves by leaving garage doors open and bicycles on show or leaving bicycles insecure either whilst out of them or when they are your home.

Make sure that the bicycle is locked with a suitably robust locking device and that it is kept in a secure building and out of sight. Don’t put off checking your cycle security or else you may be the next victim.


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