Paint stripper ruins car, Burglaries, Criminal Damage & Car Theft – The last 7 days in Kenilworth

Crown Neighbourhood Watch appeal to residents to heighten their alertness and awareness as they go about their homes and the town. Simply, if something looks suspicious it usually is and if that’s the case we encourage you to take action and report it.
The latest crimes detailed below give some cause for concern as a new and very unwelcome activity has been reported. Serious damage being done to peoples cars. In one incident the paintwork was seriously damaged by being ‘keyed’ whilst in another paint stripper was thrown over the paintwork causing devastating effects.
Again, though we also wish to stress the need to help ourselves. In one case of burglary the premises targeted was fond to be insecure and once again valuable items left in vehicles have been taken. Yes, it is frustrating and can be tiresome but each one of us needs to ensure we make it as difficult, not easy, as possible for the criminal to succeed.
Please take a minute or two to read the details of the crimes that have taken place across the town in the last 7 days and consider what you do in your daily routine that you might change to ensure you make it as difficult as possible for a criminal to make you their next victim.
Cross Trainer Stolen from Powis Grove
Between 11am and 15pm on 15 January 2014, offenders unknown approached a home in Powis Grove, Kenilworth and stole a cross training machine from the side of the property. The incident number for this crime is 0307 of 15/01/2014.
Damage to a vehicle in Priory Road, Kenilworth.
Between 8pm on 14 January 2014 and 9am 15 January 2014 an offender unknown ‘keyed*’ two panels of a vehicle that was parked in Priory Road, this is the second time within one month. The incident number for this crime is 0256 of 15/01/2014.
* = The term Keyed refers to the practice of using sharp strong (usually) metal object to deeply score paintwork on a vehicle, typically this can the end of a key, hence the term.
Damage to a vehicle in Harbourne Close, Kenilworth.
A vehicle that was parked in Harbourne Close overnight on the 16 January 2014 had paint stripper thrown over it causing considerable damage to the vehicles paintwork.

Burglary – Arthur Street, Kenilworth.

A burglary took place in Arthur Street during the weekend of 18th January 2014. Offender(s) unknown entered an insecure property in Arthur Street via the rear doors and stole a games console, games, charger cables and CD’s. The offenders used a pillowcase to take the items from the home address. The incident number for this crime is 0330 of 17/01/2014.

Damage to vehicle – Stoneleigh Road/Churchill Avenue, Kenilworth.

Between 6pm on 17 January 2014 and midday on 19 January 2014, offender(s) unknown have damaged a vehicle by ripping off the nearside windscreen wiper from the vehicle. The vehicle was parked between Stoneleigh Road and Churchill Avenue in Kenilworth. The incident number for this crime is 0154 of 19/01/2014. 

Theft from motor vehicle – Scott Road, Kenilworth. 

Between midnight on 20 January 2014 and 7.30am on 21 January 2014 offender(s) unknown have entered a vehicle that was parked in a service road on Scott Road and stolen a Makita drill, Dewalt drill and a Worz electric saw. The incident number for this crime is 0042 of 21/01/2014.

Burglary – Roseland Road, Kenilworth. 

Between 7.50am and 7.35pm on 21 January 2014, offender(s) unknown  have entered a home via the rear window in Roseland Road and stolen cash and a burnt orange coloured BMW M5 from the drive using keys.

If you have any information in relation to any of these crimes and events please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or alternatively you can provide your information anonymously by using Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

2 Replies to “Paint stripper ruins car, Burglaries, Criminal Damage & Car Theft – The last 7 days in Kenilworth”

  1. Dear Fraser

    Please will you give me an email address and or phone number that we can speak on. I am busy with Kenilworth Community work with 31st January deadlines looming but can we speak as maybe we ought to link together more.

    I value all that you are doing but do you know about my close links with Kenilworth SNT going back nearly 10 years and the fact that I am coordinator of Southbank Road NHW scheme. This scheme has been running for many many years here so you aren’t on your own! I didn’t know you were Kenilworth NHW?!

    I also have close links with residents here being VC of ROCK.

    Clearly I send out Julie’s advices and I pushed hard last year when we didn’t receive them.

    Kind regards

    Andy Garsed vice chair ROCK Southbank Rd NHW

  2. Andy,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I have amended the blog because I am not “Kenilworth Neighbourhood Watch”, please feel free to step into that one if you want. I merely try to get communication of things across to as many in the town as possible using all available free channels.

    I am surprised because I was indeed unaware of your close links for nearly 10 years as when I was Neighbourhood Constable at Kenilworth (up to 2008) I was unaware of the Southbank NHW Scheme. However, at that time SNT’s were only just being formed and previously you undoubtedly would have worked closely with the forerunner of the SNTs, the Community Beat Officer for Southbank which probably accounts for our paths not crossing in that respect between 2001 and 2008.

    If you email the address given in the newsletters that are posted on this site each month then that will get to me and it will not be a public post like this. I am coming up to three years compiling the monthly Kenilworth Update and maintaining this website and twitter feeds and its about 6 to 8 hours a month of work so if you would be interested please let me know when you drop me a line.

    Best wishes


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