3 Walk in Burglaries across Kenilworth on Remembrance Weekend as warnings go unheeded!

Crown Watch, one of the longest and most established Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Kenilworth is frustrated and concerned that advice that the police and Neighbourhood Watch have recently sent out to Kenilworth and District is being ignored and as a result opportunist burglars are continuing to be successful. The concerns come as further burglaries have taken place over the Remembrance weekend involving unlocked doors.

Of further concern is the strong possibility that offenders are prowling around many more properties, particularly at the rear, until they ‘strike lucky’ when they find a door unlocked. Crown Watch are advising two things in the light of these latest events.

1. Make sure that front and rear doors are kept locked at ALL times. As these crimes have shown a moments lapse is all that is needed for a criminal to enter your home and violate your space, take property, valuables and in some cases your vehicle. Whilst criminals continue to ‘get lucky’ finding unlocked doors and vehicles in Kenilworth they will keep coming back!

2. If you see people in your garden, at the rear of your property or something similar at a neighbours property contact the police immediately on 999. Don’t delay because we want to catch these criminals before more Kenilworth homes are the subject of burglary.

The events over the 7 and 8 November are as follows:

Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth
Sometime during the early evening of the 6th November. A house has been entered and a handbag was removed from a conservatory in Farmer Ward Rd after entry was gained by an unlocked door

This report refers to Incident number 259 of 7 November 2014.

Greville Road, Kenilworth

On 7th November between 7pm and 8pm on Greville Road a house was entered and a handbag was taken from a table just inside the front door. The victim has noticed this when the front door has been found ajar.

This report refers to Incident number 430 of 7 November 2014.

Brooke Road, Kenilworth

On the 8th November at approximately 7pm, a house was entered on Brooke Rd via the rear door that was unlocked. A handbag and contents were taken.

This report refers to Incident number 345 of 8 November 2014.

If you have information about any of the above incidents please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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