Kenilworth Bogus Doorstep Caller Warning

Kenilworth Residents are being warned to look out for Doorstep Callers who claim to be from “The Water Board”. These callers are BOGUS and are intent in distracting you so they can get into your home and steal valuables, cash and any other belongings that take their fancy.

On Thursday 15 January 2015 there were two of these incidents in nearby RUGBY where males called at the homes of elderly residents, claiming to be from ‘the Water Board”. The males then asked the residents to turn off their stop cocks and, whilst the residents were distracted by doing this, the males entered the homes and stole items.

On Friday 16 January 2015 in nearby LEAMINGTON SPA, an elderly lady was conned out of a large sum of money on the pretense that her guttering needed cleaning out.

Warwickshire Police say that this type of “distraction burglary/rogue trader” activity usually starts around Springtime but this time the criminals are starting early.

If you live on your own and are in your senior years PLEASE take heed of this advice and warning. If you know someone, like your neighbour, who may be elderly or on their own please pop and see them and mention this without alarming them. Just make them aware and stress to them NOT to open the door.

Here are some further tips and advice;

  • Please remember that you do not have to answer the door to anyone you do not know, or are not expecting.
  • Staff from the water companies never refer to themselves as being from “the Water Board” and would never call at your door to ask you to turn off your water.
  • If anyone calls at your home claiming to be from the Water or Gas or Electricity Boards, do not answer the door, engage in converstation with them or let them into your home.

Please report their visit to Police, on 101, immediately.

Whilst all notices that Crown Watch post are important we’d like to stress the importance of this one in terms of getting everyone made aware of this menace and so enable them not to fall victim to what is one of the most despicable crimes which can have life changing effects upon elderly and vulnerable people.

Finally, as a further help we have added a leaflet produced by Severn Trent that deals with Bogus Caller issues and advises about what to do in more detail. Indeed, the Editor is featured on the front cover from his days working at Severn Trent!

ST Bogus Caller Leaflet

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