Parcel Scam Warning for Kenilworth Residents

Kenilworth Residents are being warned about a “Postcard Scam” that involves a false message encouraging the recipient to telephone a number to collect a parcel the postcard suggests is being held for them.

The postcard advises there is a £10 fee (sometimes it can be a different amount) to be paid and this can be done by credit card. This is a complete scam and residents are warned not to fall for it.


Crown Watch advises:

  • Ignore the postcard
  • Do NOT telephone the number suggested
  • Do NOT provide credit/bank card details

Royal Mail and all main parcel delivery companies DO NOT require money to deliver a parcel or a payment ahead of you being told you can collect it.

Please take time to warn any vulnerable or elderly neighbour, friend or relation so they can protect themselves from being fooled by the criminals operating this scam.


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