WARNING: Computer “Windows” scam operating in Kenilworth

Over the past couple of days a number of telephone landline numbers in and around Kenilworth have been called by persons purporting to be calling from Microsoft Windows. They open the conversation by saying that they are ringing you from “Windows” about a problem with your “Windows” computer.

Their intention is to get you talking and suggest you need to do certain things to your computer to resolve a problem that has happened and has been detected on their system (a problem you never knew you had!). It’s a SCAM – they will then ask you to spend money to buy an upgrade to the fix the problem and then another problem occurs and more money is requested and so on. Where this has happened in the past some people have been tricked into spending over £1000!

Microsoft Windows and indeed Apple DO NOT call customers at home. Kenilworth residents are strongly advised to cut the call once the person says they are ringing from Windows. Don’t listen to what they are saying because they can be very persuasive. Remember, they are criminals – all they want is to steal your money!

Please ensure that you warn your friends and neighbours of this menace, especially older people who might not receive this warning.


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