Warnings Ignored = More thefts from vehicles in Kenilworth + Purse Snatch

Despite several previous appeals by Warwickshire Police and Crown Watch it seems there are still people who either don’t think it will happen to them, ignore the warnings or simply just don’t think about such things. What are we talking about…? Leaving items on show in vehicles!

Over the past few days a spate of thefts have been experienced across Kenilworth.

Crackley Lane, Kenilworth – Theft from motor vehicle Between 18:00hrs and 18:40hrs on Sunday 22 March 2015 offenders have approached a vehicle that had been parked up securely at location and  have smashed the front nearside window, reached in and grabbed a handbag that had been left in the passenger footwell.

Crackley Lane, Kenilworth – Theft from motor vehicle Between 14:30hrs and15:10hrs Tuesday 24 March 2015  a Volvo V70 motor car, grey in colour, was parked in a layby. Offenders attempted to force the front nearside door lock but were unsuccessful. They then smashed the rear neaside window and reached in stealing property left on the rear seat.

Town Centre, Kenilworth – Theft between 12:00midday and 12:15hrs a personwas in a town centre charity shop. She made a purchase then placed her purse back into her handbag. She then went to a nearby cafe at which point she realised her purse had been stolen. She cannot recall if the handbag was unzipped when she noticed the purse missing.

We are sorry about the late posting of the events that took place in Crackley Lane, this is due to the failure of Warwickshire Police to notify Neighbourhood Watch of the crimes.


One Reply to “Warnings Ignored = More thefts from vehicles in Kenilworth + Purse Snatch”

  1. Hi Jean

    This is the latest from Crown Watch, perhaps you can get into it from this. I think you have to register if I remember right.

    Good luck


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