More Burglaries but Vigilance Pays Off!

Incidents at homes in Woodcote Avenue, Park Hill and Siddeley Avenue, Kenilworth

Crown Watch are advising vigilance continues after more burglaries have taken place in the last few days across Kenilworth. However, vigilance does pay when its backed up by swift action by residents. As you will see below the vigilance and actions of a witness led to offenders being caught in the act. This proves its worth keeping a lookout and not leaving it to someone to report things.

The following incidents, have occurred at homes in Kenilworth over recent days:

Incident 161 of 17 April 2015

Between 10am and 12.50pm on 17 April, offenders smashed a kitchen window at a home in Woodcote Avenue, Kenilworth and climbed through in to the house. Once inside, the offenders carried out an untidy search before making off with many items of jewellery.

Incident 212 of 17 April 2015

Between 12noon and 2.30pm on 17 April, offenders attempted to break in to a home in Park Hill, Kenilworth. The offenders entered the porch through an insecure door and then smashed the front door glass. The offenders failed to get in to the house and nothing was stolen.

Incident 235 of 19 April 2015

At around 5pm on 19 April, a witness in Siddeley Avenue saw a youth enter a neighbouring home in Siddeley Avneue, Kenilworth and called police. Officers arrived to find the offenders still inside the house and he was arrested.

If you have information that you believe may be connected to any of these incidents, please contact Police on 101. Please also remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious or unusual activity around your own and neighbouring homes and please report anything of concern to Police immediately.


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