Theft from Unattended Motor Vehicles – Kenilworth

In the early hours of 15 May 2015 between 5am and 8am three vehicles were broken into by means of smashing the front passenger window and taking baggage from within the vehicles. The three locations where the crimes occurred were Lower Ladyes Hills, Manor Road and Henry Street, Kenilworth.

Once again these latest crimes highlight the message that we seem unable to get through to some residents – please do not leave items on show in a vehicle. Even a bag is tempting because to the criminal it’s worth smashing a window or forcing a door because they could be lucky and find something valuable in the bag.

Leaving laptops or tablets (iPads etc) or Sat Navs, even their chargers on show that suggest such a device might be somewhere in the vehicle, should all be avoided.

Please DO NOT leave valuable items in vehicles when parked, even when on your own private drive. It takes less than 10 seconds for a thief to steal them!


2 Replies to “Theft from Unattended Motor Vehicles – Kenilworth”

  1. Many thanks for your update and your recent detailed brochure, your efforts are very much appreciated.

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