More Unlocked Vehicles = More Thefts in Kenilworth

Despite countless warnings from Warwickshire Police and Crown Watch some residents in Kenilworth continue to leave vehicles unlocked and valuables within them! The consequence is that sooner or later a criminal will help themselves. That’s what happened last week (details below).

We can expect more such events as criminals are attracted to Kenilworth for ‘easy pickings’ with unlocked cars containing laptops, sat navs and other valuables inside.

In the early hours of 18th July (between Friday midnight and 10am on Saturday morning) unknown offender/s entered insecured vehicles and stole valuables from within.

The three areas where these crimes were committed were Barrowfield Court car park off Barrowfield Lane, Towers Close and Dudley Road.

If you saw anything suspicious please call 101 quoting individual incident numbers.
Barrowfield Court – 0251 19/07/2015
Towers Close – 0319 18/07/2015
Dudley Road – 0244 18/07/2015


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