Keep a Keen Eye – Criminals are poking around Kenilworth again!

Earlier today we reported on a burglary that took place in Windy Arbour, Kenilworth.  between 8 and 15 September 2015.  Offenders broke into the home whilst the residents were away, and carried out an untidy search. They stole items of jewellery including a Rolex watch as well as the keys to an Audi A4 vehicle which were then used to steal the Audi from the driveway. Reference; Warwickshire Police Incident 289 of 15/09/15

At just before 9pm on 11 September 2015, offenders attempted to get into a home in Amherst Road, Kenilworth by smashing the glass in a rear door. The sound of smashing glass alerted the resident of the house who investigated and saw a lever type instrument being used. Once they realised that they had been discovered, the offenders fled empty handed. Reference; Warwickshire Police 0367 of 11/09/15

At just after 01.30hrs on 14 September 2015, a witness reported a burglary in progress at commercial units at the junction of Farmer Ward Road with Whitemoor Road, Kenilworth. Offenders with torches were seen. It is not clear as yet if anything and what was stolen. Reference; Warwickshire Police Incident 0011 of 14/09/15

If you have any information or may have seen something suspicious in respect of any of these incidents then please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01926 684404


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