Second Report of Criminals Prowling Around (AMENDED)

Earlier today Kenilworth residents were warned to heighten their vigilance after a number of attempted burglaries have occurred in the past few days. One property has been burgled with a car also being stolen too. Now a second and further report has come through this afternoon to Crown Watch about another attempted crime in the early hours of today (17 September 2015). Details are as follows:

An attempt to gain entry on a premises in Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth took place at 03.52hrs this morning 17 September 2015 . A window was damaged and some beading was removed but no entry was gained .

Did you see or notice anything suspicious or out of the ordinary? Contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01926 684404. Warwickshire Police Reference: Incident 0036-17/09/15.


One Reply to “Second Report of Criminals Prowling Around (AMENDED)”

  1. Hi, Strange situation 2.10pm 15-9-15 Kenilworth town centre. Please contact. Thanks Tony.

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