Bank Email Scam being received in Kenilworth

Residents are being warned about a new spate of “genuine looking emails” purporting to be from well known High Street Banks. The emails have started landing on people’s computers and smartphones even when they are not customers of the bank the email pretends to come from.

The email asks recipients to click a link within the email.


If you do click and open the link the email may take over your computer, access names and email addresses and use them for their their next victims. Residents are advised that Banks DO NOT send out unsolicited emails so don’t be fooled by how professional they might look. If you are in any doubt then contact your bank before doing anything.

Safeguard your computer or smartphone by sending the unopened email to trash and make sure empty trash to remove it from your machine. We have posted the screen shot of a scam banking email received via email today by a Kenilworth residents.

If you know any vulnerable or elderly residents that use emails please make them aware of the scam emails and above all NOT to respond to such emails in anyway.



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