Over 300 residents join Kenilworth’s Neighbourhood Watch Alert System

Crown Watch, one of the longest running Neighbourhood Watch groups in Kenilworth and Warwickshire, are pleased to confirm that just over 300 people have now signed up to the free crime alerts that Crown Watch issue to the town. Crown Watch specifically looks after homes in the northern section of Windy Arbour, all of Tulip Tree Avenue and the eastern section of Whitemoor Road.

However, since 2011 Crown Watch has extended it’s activities to provide a wider service of Neighbourhood Watch elements across Kenilworth. Working in conjunction with Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team Crown Watch published a “Kenilworth Update” Neighbourhood Watch newsletter every month but this ceased in April 2013.

Simply technology overtook the Newsletter and as a consequence Crown Watch have concentrated their efforts on using their website http://www.kenilworthnwatch.wordpress.com and Twitter to get crime alerts out across the town’s community.

Crown Watch are celebrating reaching over 300 residents with its free ‘crime alert’ service but its aim is to get every home in Kenilworth signed up so everyone can get up to date alerts which enables residents to be informed as quickly as possible of what is going on in the area, take any action if needed whilst it provides the best chance of someone remembering something they may have seen which could turn out to be useful information to the police with their investigations.

Warwickshire Police issue Neighbourhood Watch alerts to Crown Watch and usually within minutes these are uploaded by Crown Watch onto their website. Once the alert is published on Crown Watch’s website a email is automatically sent to those residents who have subscribed to the free email alerts. They receive these emails within seconds on their computers, smartphones and tablets (basically any device that they can receive their personal email on).

In addition the Alert is automatically Tweeted with a link to the new alert allowing people following Crown Watch on Twitter to access the latest alert. If you would like to receive automatic Crime Alerts for Kenilworth then simply go to the subscribe section towards the top of this page on the right and provide your email details.

We cannot access your email details as these are automatically entered into the automatic email processor and we DO NOT provide your email details to anyone else or any third parties. We only send out emails when we need to which is usually only when we have received a Crime Alert.

Crown Watch looks forward to more residents signing up to the free alert service and by doing so helping get much greater coverage across our town so we can look out for ourselves better and also look out for others in our community too.


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