Burglars back at work in Kenilworth

KENILWORTH HOUSEHOLDERS are being warned to keep a sharp lookout and report anything, or anyone they see as suspicious as crime has reappeared across the town in the New Year. Three properties have been targeted over the last few days. One was broken into, car keys taken and a vehicle stolen. Two other properties were the subject of Attempted Burglaries.

Crown Watch are advising residents to keep a keen lookout for persons acting suspiciously, loitering around properties, climbing over fences, or trying side gates, etc. The Watch are saying ‘if it doesn’t look right then it probably isn’t’ and if that is the case they are appealing directly to householders to not ‘parcel it away’ in their head but to get on the telephone and report what they are seeing.

The details of the latest burglaries are:

Butler Close, Kenilworth

During the night of 6 into 7 January, offenders drilled the lock out of the side door of a home in Butler Close, Kenilworth and entered the kitchen.  The offenders then stole the keys to two vehicles parked in the driveway and used one set to take an Audi vehicle.

Reference: Incident 51 of 7 January 2016.

Nason Grove, Kenilworth

Between 9 and 14 January, offenders attempted to force open the rear patio door of a home in Nason Grove, Kenilworth, using a crowbar type instrument.  Damage was caused to the door but the offenders failed to get inside the house, and nothing was stolen.

Reference: Incident 238 of 14 January 2016.

Woodland Road, Kenilworth

At around 6 pm on 14 January, offenders smashed the rear door of a home in Woodland Road, Kenilworth in an attempt to get inside the house.  The offenders had forced open the rear garden gate to get access to the door. The offenders did not manage to get inside the house, and nothing was stolen.

Reference: Incident 255 of 14 January 2016.

Please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 if you saw anything suspicious or have any information that may be useful regarding these crimes. If you wish to contact the police anonymously, then you can do so by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 111 555.

If you see anything suspicious taking place at or near a property, then call the police using the 999 service.


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