Crown Watch is warning all Kenilworth residents not to fall for a scam that has started earlier today. It will suggest there is a receipt attached and suggests you click on it to open. DON’T!

The email looks very plausible and appears to be from The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA – formerly known as DVLA)

If you open the attachment, your computer will be revealed to third parties for an attack.  This often means all your contacts will be accessed enabling cyber criminals to send emails, purporting to be from you to your contacts to fool them into doing the same.

Your computer, once open to third party access can be used by others as a Trojan, infected with an operating virus or other details may be learned.

The advice is easy – DON’T open attachments in emails from anyone that you don’t know or from organisations that do not normally email you.

If in doubt, don’t open the attachment. Send it to the trash and empty the trash.

Here is the official notification issued by the DVSA earlier today.




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