Easter Crimes across Kenilworth includes Robbery

Warwickshire Police have apologised for the late sending of several messages related to recent crimes that have taken place across Kenilworth. They described the reasons as being ‘due to problems with the Force network and with the Easter break.’

Kenilworth Watch asks residents to heighten their vigilance and not be afraid to report anything they see that looks suspicious. These are the details of incidents, which have occurred at homes in Kenilworth over recent days:

Incident 163 of 11 April – Burglary – Jacox Crescent:  Between 6.30am and 1.30pm on 11 April, offenders entered a home in Jacox Crescent, Kenilworth after throwing a concrete slab through the rear kitchen door to smash the glass and then reaching through to unlock the door with the key which had been left in the lock.  Once inside, the offenders located the keys to a BMW vehicle and then used the keys to make off in the car.

Incident 44 of 11 April – Burglary – Upper Rosemary Hill:  During the night of 10 into 11 April, offenders forced open a ground floor boarded window at a home in Upper Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth and climbed into the property.  The offenders carried out a search before making off with several power tools, breaker boxes, power leads, smoke detectors and down lighters.

Incident 328 of 16 April – Burglary – Upper Rosemary Hill:  Between 4pm on 15 April and 7.30pm on 16 April, offenders again broke into the same home under renovation in Upper Rosemary Hill after removing boarding from a ground floor window.  Once inside, the offenders found nothing of value and made off.

Incident 31 of 16 April – Robbery – Coventry Road:  During the night of 15 into 16 April, 5 male offenders forced their way into a cottage home in Coventry Road, Kenilworth and demanded money.  One male was armed with a knife.  The males made their way through the property and stole an Iphone 6 before making off.

The offenders are described as 3 black and 2 white males, all with their faces covered and wearing hoodies.

Kenilworth Watch is also aware, while not being informed by Warwickshire Police, that Tesco Express in Leyes Lane was subject to a late night robbery on Friday 7 April. Just after 10.30pm a male entered the shop produced what looked to be a firearm and demanded money. He ran off into the Knights Meadow estate having taken the contents from the shop’s till.

If you have any information that might relate to any of these incidents please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 111 555.



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