“Five have a go at Theft” but vigilance foils attempt

A security guard and a householders dog may well have prevented offenders from stealing property in two separate events across Kenilworth. In both cases nothing appears to have been taken with the offenders making off. Kenilworth watch praises the actions of the security guard who deterred five suspect offenders!

A Kenilworth Watch  spokesperson said “It’s great that in both cases the offenders were frightened off because they thought they might get caught. However, what these events show is that these people are in our midst, prowling our town and they are opportunists. It’s down to everyone of us to close off all opportunities as much as possible that might make our homes easy targets. No one wants to be burgled, least of all at Christmas.”

These latest two events took place as follows:

Kenilworth Railway Station – Priory Road/Waverley Road, Kenilworth

At just after 8pm on 11 November, a witness saw 5 males breaking into the building site of Kenilworth Railway Station.  It is not clear if anything was stolen but the offenders were disturbed by a security guard and made off.                                                                                                                          Incident 372 of 11 November 2017

Crackley Cottages, Coventry Road, Kenilworth

Between 11.20am and 2.30pm on 13 November, offenders kicked in the rear door of a home in Crackley Cottages, Kenilworth.  Nothing was disturbed or stolen from the house and the offenders made have been disturbed by the family dog.                                                                                  Incident 302 of 13 November 2017

Please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 if you saw anything suspicious or have any information about either of these events.


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