More Vehicles Targeted in Kenilworth

THE NEW YEAR of 2018 so far in Kenilworth has seen an increase in crime concerning vehicles. Two more incidents have been reported with one involving breaking and entering into a building before tampering and causing damage to a vehicle inside. A second incident involved the theft of a vehicle.

Kenilworth Watch News says this continued criminal activity only serves to reinforce the message about residents being vigilant and reporting anything they see suspicious and it renews its call for m ore Police Officer patrols to be undertaken across Kenilworth.

The details of the latest events are as follows:

Guy Road, Kenilworth

Between 5 and 8pm on 3 January, offenders broke into a garage at a home in Guy Road, Kenilworth after jemmying off the door lock.  Once inside, the offenders entered a van parked inside, causing damage to the vehicle.  It is not clear exactly what was stolen. This is Incident 403 of 3 January 2018

Manor Road, Kenilworth

Between 2pm on 2 January and 2pm on 4 January, offenders stole a black Ford Mondeo Titan vehicle from Manor Road, Kenilworth. This is Incident 255 of 4 January 2018

If you have seen anything suspicious or have any information on either of these crimes please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.




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