Burglars wrench alarm off wall of Kenilworth Home

The force being used by criminals in Kenilworth has continued with two crimes being reported over the weekend in Kenilworth. At one address burglars wrenched a burglar alarm off the wall and despite the alarm continuing to sound entered the property ransacking rooms and taking several items of property.

The other crime involved power tools being stolen from a van. Both these events have heightened concern about burglaries in and around the town. While many residents have taken several steps to deter criminals there is mounting anxiety that a lack of police presence and an associated low likelihhood of being caught is leading to a more brazen attitude amongst offenders.

Leamington Road, Kenilworth

Between 10am and 4.30pm on 17 February, offenders broke into a home in Leamington Road, Kenilworth and activated the intruder alarm. The offenders pulled the alarm off the wall of the house and entered the premises but the alarm continued to sound. Once inside the house, the offenders carried out a very messy search before making off with several items. This is Incident 262 of 17 February 2018

Rouncil  Lane, Kenilworth

During the night of 16 into 17 February, offenders broke into a Citroen van, parked in a layby outside a home in Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth by smashing a small window and forcing open the rear doors. Chain saws, boots and drills were stolen from inside. This is Incident 102 of 17 February 2018

If you have any information about either of these incidents or think you may have seen or heard something please contact Warwickshire Police in 101


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