Police Helicopter deployed as more burglaries in Kenilworth

Many residents on the eastern side of Kenilworth were awoken in the early hours of Thursday 3 May by the Police Helicopter which had been deployed following a burglary in Windy Arbour, Kenilworth at around 0300hrs.

A spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch News said the Windy Arbour burglary had demonstrated how installing a deterrent can help protect people’s homes and properties. The home affected had an intruder alarm that the burglars set off. As a result people were alerted and some were vigilant and able to tell police that a number of offenders had been witnessed making off along Windy Arbour and into Leyes Lane.

A burglary was also committed on 30 April involving a property along Glasshouse Lane and a van outside a property in Hyde Road was stolen on 1 May.

Kenilworth Watch News said these latest events are worrying and demonstrate that criminals are prowling around Kenilworth looking for opportunities. The more that each householder can do to protect their property with clear deterrent measures the less risk of burglary there is. A monitored intruder alarm costs less than £1 a day but crucially it puts off most intruders. These latest events have prompted Kenilworth Watch News to renew its calls for a greater police officer presence to be seen in and around Kenilworth as this is the missing piece of deterrence that can really dissuade criminals because it raises the potential for them to be caught and prosecuted.

Here are the events:

Hyde Road, Kenilworth

Incident 145 of 1 May – At just after 11.15am on 1 May, offenders stole a Ford Transit van, with the keys in the ignition, from outside a home in Hyde Road, Kenilworth and made off in the direction of Kenilworth old town. Incident 145 of 1 May 2018

Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth

Between 9am on 26 and 5pm on 30 April, offenders broke into a home in Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth through the rear door.  It is not clear exactly what was stolen. Incident 325 of  30 April 2018

Windy Arbour, Kenilworth

At just before 3am on 3 May, offenders broke into a home in Windy Arbour, Kenilworth and activated the intruder alarm.  Witnesses then saw several offenders running off towards Leyes Lane.  It is not clear if anything was stolen. Incident 20 of 3 May

If you have information into any of these events or may have seen or heard .something that might relate to them please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.



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  1. Thanks again Fraser, i have sent your info onto other local groups. Hope you don`t mind.


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