Burglary & Thefts

It looks as if burglars may have been thwarted by a neighbour at a Kenilworth property while thefts have taken place in two other locations across the town. These latest events heighten the importance for everyone to be and remain vigilant at all times. Most offending takes place because an opportunity arises. Consequently, the more vigilant we each are about our own security, property and belongings and keeping an eye out for others means opportunity for the criminal is significantly reduced.

Please be aware that between 1 September and 6 September 2018 the rear door of a property in Siddeley Avenue, Kenilworth was forced with offender/s entering the property and making an untidy search. It is possible the offenders were disturbed by a neighbour and they left via a rear window. It is unclear at this stage if any property was taken.

This is Incident 150 of 6 September 2018


Between 8pm and 9pm at a property in Southbank Road, Kenilworth on 6 September 2018 a red large frame 15 gear “Raleigh” mountain bike was stolen.

This is Incident  400 of 6 September 2018


A bag attached to a pushchair was stolen between 1pm and 2pm at Pipers Lane, Kenilworth on 6 September 2018. The bag contained bank cards, a smartphone and quantity of cash.

This is Incident 206 of 6 September 2018

If think you may have seen or heard anything that is related to any of these incidents or have information about any of them please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.


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