Kenilworth Burglaries & Thefts affect homes and retail

WARWICKSHIRE POLICE have informed Kenilworth Watch of the latest crimes to have taken place across Kenilworth. Both householders and retail premises have been victims of crime over the past few days and this heightens the need for vigilance from everyone and all sections of Kenilworth’s community.

With darker nights approaching Kenilworth Watch is emphasising the need for everyone to review their security and protection of their property, belongings and homes. A spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch said “Almost everyone can do something if they look hard enough to improve with their security, even little things can make a difference and deter criminals. What we are saying is that everyone should take time to really look at security, not wait to be the next victim of crime”.

The details of the latest crimes are as follows:

Burglary – Henry Street, Kenilworth
Please be aware that between 17.30hrs and 18.00hrs on Tuesday 22 September 2018 offenders have entered the rear garden of a house in Henry Street, Kenilworth by forcing the back gate lock open. They accessed a garden shed in the rear garden of the property and removed approximately £800 of materials.

This is Incident 335 of 18 September 2018

Burglary – John O Gaunt Road, Kenilworth
Between 19.00hrs on Monday 17 September 2018 and 19.00hrs on Tuesday 18 September 2018 offenders have entered a property in John O Gaunt Road, Kenilworth by forcing the back door of the property. Once inside offenders made an untidy search, it is not clear if anything was taken.

This is Incident 410 of 18 September 2018

Vehicle Theft – Bullimore Grove, Kenilworth
Between Midnight and 03.00hrs on Tuesday 18 September 2018 offenders have stolen a Grey Land Rover Discovery from a driveway belonging to a property in Bullimore Grove, Kenilworth. This theft took place without the offenders accessing the property or taking and using the stolen vehicle’s keys.

This is Incident 75 of 18 September 2018

Burglary – Brookside Avenue, Kenilworth
Offenders have broken into a property in Brookside Avenue, Kenilworth through an upstairs window. Once inside an untidy search was made.

This is Incident 565 of 19 September 2018.

Burglary – The Square, Kenilworth
Between 1700hrs on Monday 17 September 2018 and 0900hrs on Tuesday 18 September 2018 retail premises at The Square, Kenilworth were broken into from the rear. A rear door was smashed enabling offenders to gain entry to the premises and remove a safe.

This is Incident 88 of 20 September 2018

Attempt Burglary, Warwick Road, Kenilworth
Between 1700hrs on Wednesday 19 September 2018 and 0900hrs Thursday 20 September 2018 offenders have attempted to break into retail premises at Warwick Road, Kenilworth. The offenders tried to force bars apart on a window at the rear of the premises but were unsuccessful.

This is Incident 174 of 20 September 2018

Vehicle Registration Plate Theft, High Street, Kenilworth
Overnight between Friday 21 September 2018 and Saturday 22 September 2018 offenders have removed and taken both front and rear vehicle registration plates from a secured and unattended black Volkswagen Golf whilst parked on High Street, Kenilworth.

This is Incident 155 of 22 September 2018

If think you may have seen or heard anything suspicious related to any of these incidents or have any information related to them please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.




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