Bicycle Thefts – Kenilworth Railway Station

OWNERS of expensive bicycles and indeed all bicycles are advised that skimping on the cost and robustness of bicycle security, particularly locks, could cause them to loose their means of transport.

Kenilworth Watch appeals to all bicycle owners to invest in decent robust bicycle locks as theft of bicycles is giving cause for concern in public places. “We understand that cycling is now very popular and many people have purchased  great bicycles, often high in value. We’d stress if you are spending a lot of money on a good bike then you need to spend enough money on an equally good pair of bicycle locks.” a spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch said.

Kenikworth Watch have made the comments in response to the news that Warwickshire Police are currently working with British Transport Police concerning recent bicycle thefts that have taken place at Kenilworth’s Railway Station. Bicycles that have been secured and locked have been stolen from the bicycle storage area  while at the railway station.

Residents are advised that if they are intending to use Kenilworth Railway Station, and use a bicycle to travel to and from the station, that they ensure they lock their bicycle with a robust cycle lock that is difficult to break.

Using two bicycle locks may also be a deterrent but the key element in deterring thieves from taking bicycles is the strength and security of the lock/s used. It’s also also wise to ensure that at least one lock secures both the rear wheel and bicycle frame.

A link to detailing some of better and most secure bicycle locks is here:

If you think you may have seen or heard anything or have any information about recent bicycle thefts at Kenilworth Railway Station please contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 or Warwickshire Police on 101


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