Darker Nights – Review your home security

Warwickshire Police have issued the following advice today suggesting householders should check and review their home security. Kenilworth Watch fully supports the message and advice from Warwickshire Police.

While we need to our police to protect our lives and property each one of us also had to take responsibility to do all we can with sensible measures to protect ourselves and our property by deterring criminals. This advice enables householders to audit their own home and consider what, if any, gaps may exist and what additional steps can be be taken.

The clocks are put back by one hour this evening (27 October 2018) and consequently the evenings will be drawing in.

We want residents in and around Kenilworth to remain safe so we have listed some key steps that everyone can consider taking that  enable householders to do all they can to protect their homes and property by deterring criminals, particularly burglars.

It’s a good time to look at your home and personal security and ask the question

How easy would it be?

Here are our tips and advice to close any gaps and minimise yourself and your home from becoming a victim of crime.
If you’re going away or even going out for the evening, set a timer switch to turn your lights on when it gets dark. Unlit houses are a giveaway that no one is at home.
When going out or going to bed at the end of the day, remember to lock your doors, patios and downstairs windows. Also lock any windows on the first floor where access can be gained via a flat roof.
If you’re at the rear of the house or in the garden, lock your front doors and windows. This simple act will deter opportunistic criminals.
If you have a house alarm… USE IT. Make sure you set it when you go out and when you go to bed. If you don’t have a house alarm why not consider one? Monitored alarms deter burglars.
Don’t leave car keys, ID cards, or valuables near windows, doors or letterboxes, where burglars can reach through to steal them. If you have keyless entry with your motor vehicle then put your keys in faraday wallet (metal container or sleeve) to stop electronic interception of the key by offenders.
Lock your garden gates and side entrances. Don’t leave tools lying around in the garden which could be used to break in to your home.

Don’t forget about garages, sheds and outbuildings – make sure they’re locked and secure too

Try not to leave your house in silent darkness. Just leaving a radio on could make a potential burglar think twice

Never leave a spare key outside your house, burglars know all the usual hiding spots

Keep bins away from windows when they’re not being used as they can be used as a climbing aid for burglars
Property mark your valuables. Use Cre-Mark to visibly mark items http://www.creproducts.co.uk/shop/default.asp and SmartWater to covertly mark items http://www.smartwater.com/
Register your property on Immobilise, the UK national property register https://www.immobilise.com/
Register bikes on https://www.bikeregister.com/

And remember… if you see anything suspicious please report it by calling Warwickshire Police on 101. If you think a crime is being committed or there is immediate danger to life and/or property then dial 999 and ask for POLICE.

This message has been sent by Warwickshire Police’s Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team



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