Defrosting Vehicle Theft

With the onset of colder weather, darker nights and mornings comes the need to defrost motor vehicles when there has been a frost.

Please DO NOT defrost your vehicle by starting the vehicle and then leaving it unlocked and running.

Warwickshire Police are advising all motorists in and around Kenilworth that while defrosting a motor vehicle if the driver/owner leaves the vehicle unattended they are running a serious risk of the vehicle being stolen by vehicle thieves.

In addition, in most cases where motor vehicles have been left unattended and running to defrost, the vehicle insurance company WILL NOT pay out for the vehicle theft/loss and/or any other associated loss.

Motorists need to check weather forecasts and allow adequate time to defrost their motor vehicle and that BEFORE driving on the public highway make sure that the windscreen and side windows are fully clear of frost so adequate visibility is available for the driver.

Motorists are reminded that it is an offence to drive a motor vehicle on the public highway with inadequate visibility.


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