Do you know about “Anti Snap” Locks?

Over a period of time we have reported a number of crimes where properties have been attacked by offenders trying to break in. Sadly, in most cases they have succeeded often by attacking and forcing door locks usually on rear or patio doors but also on front doors too.

However, recently in a couple of instances in our area the offenders attempt to break into a property and commit burglary and/or car theft after locating the vehicle keys has been thwarted. In these instances, despite a determined effort, offenders have failed to break in because “Anti Snap” (AS) locks were fitted to the doors concerned.

Consequently, we have been asked to provide more information about “AS” locks.

What we would say is that “AS” locks are one of several ways to deter/foil criminals. Like a monitored burglar alarm they put criminals off and are likely to mean that your property is left alone.

“AS” locks are very strong and are specifically designed to stop criminals beating the lock and getting a door open. Many manufacturers guarantee “AS” locks will not let offenders in by offering £1000 payment if the lock is foiled and fails.

We have placed a short video on this post demonstrating how shockingly easy it is for offenders to gain entry in seconds by forcing a conventional door lock and how difficult, if not virtually impossible, it is to beat an “AS” lock.

We are not advertising a specific product or service provider but informing you about the vulnerability of some door locks and what you can do to potentially improve your home security.

The nearest stockist and installer of “AS” locks is Eydens of Coventry who can be contacted on 02476 332524. The company is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association and all locksmiths are CRB checked.

There maybe other local company’s offering a similar service.

Please watch the short film and consider how important it is to protect your property.


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