Two Robberies & Burglary – Kenilworth

A robbery and burglary took place in Kenilworth on Saturday 24 November with a further robbery taking place in the early hours of this morning.


Please be aware that between 11.30hrs and 19.30hrs on Saturday 24 November 2018 offenders have broken into a property through a rear bedroom window at Malthouse Lane, Kenilworth. Once inside they have carried out an untidy search. A laptop computer was stolen, it is not possible to confirm at present if other items have been taken.
This is incident 345 of 24 November 2018


Please be aware that between 12.30hrs and 13.00hrs on Saturday 24 November 2018 two teenagers were robbed of £10 cash by two male teenagers at the junction of Station Road and Waverley Road, Kenilworth.
Both offenders were described as being approximately 18/20 years old, one was wearing a grey hoody with a strip of white on the hood, grey tracksuit bottoms and black trainers with white soles. The second offender was wearing a black hooded jacket that was had an underneath hood that was grey, black trousers and black shoes.
This is incident 229 of 24 November 2018


Please be aware that at around 04.00hrs on Sunday 25 November 2018 a group individuals took a taxi from Warwick St, Leamington Spa. After dropping one person off at Leek Wootton the offenders forced the taxi driver out his driving seat and put him the back of the taxi with one of the offenders then driving the taxi. The offenders then stole all the taxi driver’s takings, the keys to the taxi and attempted to take his mobile phone. The offenders stopped the taxi at Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth where they made off on foot.
This is incident 71 of 25 November 2018


If you think you saw or heard anything suspicious or have any information about this incident then please contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


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