Attempted Burglary – Kenilworth

KENILWORTH residents are warned to review their security following an attempted burglary in the early hours of Monday 15 July 2019 at Woodcote Avenue, Kenilworth. At approximately 01.45hrs offenders attempted to enter a property by trying to snap the lock of a side door. A combination of an alert householder, who shouted at the offender, and good security at the property including CCTV, led to the offenders making off without gaining entry.

It is possible that the vehicles parked at the property may have been the reason entry to the property was attempted. 

Warwickshire Police would like to take this opportunity to highlight to householders the key steps they can take to deter this type of crime.

  • Householders with Motor Vehicles that have keyless entry systems need to place the keys in a ‘Faraday’ cage or box (a metal container that stops the signal from the vehicle key being accessed from outside)

  • Don’t leave valuables in motor vehicles, even when parked on a private drive, it encourages theft

  • Consider fitting a monitored burglar alarm to your property, they deter many would be burglars

  • Good security lighting and CCTV also helps deter criminals.

  • Give serious consideration to fitting ‘anti snap’ locks to your doors, this makes it much more difficult for offenders to get into your property

This incident at Woodcote Avenue is number 23 of 15 July 2019.

If you think you may have heard or seen anything suspicious or have any information about this incident then please contact Warwickshire Polcie on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


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