Cold Calling and Theft Alert – Kenilworth

Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team are appealing to householders to be alert and vigilant to any callers at their address offering work services such as drive resurfacing or roof cleaning/replacement. 

The appeal comes after a male called at the door of a Senior Citizen in Kenilworth and offered to resurface the drive at the property for £1000. The male persuaded the Senior Citizen to accompany him to the bank in Kenilworth where the Senior Citizen withdrew £1000 and handed it over to the male who said it was “to obtain the materials for the drive”.The male caller has not been seen since.

Warwickshire Trading Standards and Warwickshire Police are very clear on these issues, DON’T BUY OR AGREE TO ANYTHING ON THE DOORSTEP OR ENGAGE WITH  “COLD CALLERS” (People who knock your door without notice or an agreed appointment) . 

Kenilworth’s SNT are also appealing to relatives and carers to keep a close eye on vulnerable individuals who live independently. Please advise anyone that you look after or care about that they should not agree to anything, hand over any money or let any cold callers into their property. 

If there are any instances where events like this may have happened over the past few weeks please let Kenilworth SNT know by calling 101.


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