Kenilworth Ford (B4103) Remains CLOSED

Please be aware that the Ford at Kenilworth that crosses the B4103 (not the A452 as was mistakenly referred to in our previous post) remains CLOSED. More rain is forecast overnight and the Highway Authority have stated the road will be reassessed for potential re-opening tomorrow morning.

Drivers are advised that there maybe insurance implications in the event of a claim if it relates to a vehicle on road that a Highway Authority has imposed a closure upon.

Warwickshire County Council confirmed continued closure at around 16.00hrs on Friday 15 November 2019.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 17.05.03


2 Replies to “Kenilworth Ford (B4103) Remains CLOSED”

  1. The ford is not flooded and the warning sign coming into Clinton lane is not displaying anything but the one at castle road is ! Kenilworth is in absolute chaos for no reason at all ! No wonder people ignore it when it is really flooded – a dreadful waste of money for this Useless sign !


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    1. Thanks Karen. Thats why we sought to push the Council to reopen this afternoon but they have said no because of more rain and the likelihood of the ford rising again. I am afraid we are only messengers trying to keep Kenilworth people informed.

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