Theft leads to Kenilworth Arrest

We are pleased to provide more details about yesterday’s events in Kenilworth that led to the arrest of a shoplifter. On Saturday 4 January 2020 a business in Kenilworth town centre notified Warwickshire Police via the retail radio system that a male shoplifter had stolen a number of items and had left the premises.

PC Anna Brown, Beat Manager for Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team was on foot patrol in the town centre. The male was seen heading away from the town centre. PC Brown engaged in a pursuit on foot, and was able to direct other SNT officers to the male. PCSO Clayton and PCSO Underwood detained the male near Abbey Fields until further assistance arrived.

PC Anna Brown arrested the male, who was then taken into custody.

We are pleased to share these details as the incident demonsrates how our local Safer Neighbourhood Team work alongside their community partners to prevent and detect crime in our community.


One Reply to “Theft leads to Kenilworth Arrest”

  1. Well done! It’s good to hear that there are networking systems in place to protect our local businesses.

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