Kenilworth Camera Scheme hits over 25 in first week

KENILWORTH HOUSEHOLDERS are being praised for getting behind an innovative new scheme that aims to help residents and their local police prevent crime but also help detect crime more efficiently. In the first week of a new CCTV registration scheme over 25 Kenilworth householders who have CCTV have signed up.

The CCTV register works by using online mapping which enables Kenilworth Watch to review where any CCTV is situated in relation to the location of an incident.

“The CCTV register saves our police service hours and hours of trying to look and find out where any CCTV is located. The more residents that join the CCTV register the more we can help save hours of police time locating CCTV.” a Kenilworth Watch spokesperson said.

The system, which has been developed specifically for Kenilworth, is unique across Warwickshire. All householders data is secure, meets GDPR regulations and there is no direct access to householders CCTV involved.

“We are really pleased that in less than a week we already have over 25 households from all over parts of our town signed up to the register. What we’d like is to get all CCTV signed up so we can provide the best possible service to support our police teams and also send out a message to criminals that coming to Kenilworth is a bad idea because we are a united as a community when it comes to preventing and detecting crime.

We’d encourage anyone that has CCTV and who has only just heard of the scheme or who has yet to register to do so now.” a Kenilworth Watch spokesperson added.

More information for those that wish to register CCTV please click on this link:

How you can help deliver a step change in crime prevention and detection in Kenilworth


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