Over 50 addresses sign up as Kenilworth’s community rallies to support new CCTV scheme

IN LESS THAN A MONTH from being launched Kenilworth’s new CCTV registration scheme has attracted over 50 residents to sign up. The scheme enables the local community and Warwickshire Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Team for Kenilworth to work closer together and potentially save hours and hours of police officers time.

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A spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch said “We are absolutely delighted that so many people in Kenilworth have already signed up to this innovative and great scheme and we’d like to thank them. The more people and addresses that have CCTV that sign up the better because it can really help our policing team concentrate their time and resources.”

The register was designed by and has been in operation at nearby Finham Neighbourhood Watch in Coventry for some time and Finham NHW kindly offered to provide a system for Kenilworth.

The system does not request or have access to any CCTV systems, it’s simply a register that aids efficiency.  “The greater the coverage we can get by getting as many people signed up as possible, the more efficient our police officers can be in locating potentially useful CCTV images. We also believe that if we can achieve widespread coverage with a well populated CCTV register then it will also act as a real deterrent to criminal visiting our town and neighbourhoods” a Kenilworth Watch spokesperson added.

If you have CCTV and would like to resister or you want more details all the links needed can be found here:

How you can help deliver a step change in crime prevention and detection in Kenilworth


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