Warwickshire Police crackdown on drivers using Mobile Phones & not wearing Seatbelts

It’s been disclosed that Warwickshire Police detected 146 driver offences in a five day operation on the M40 that concluded recently.

During the operation known as Operation Tramline, police officers used a specially-adapted HGV ‘supercab’ owned by Highways England to observe driver behaviours in all vehicles and deal with any offences.

The vehicles stopped were a mix of domestic and commercial vehicles and out of 146 driver offences, 31 people were stopped for using a mobile phone whilst driving. The penalty for this offence is 6 points on their licence and a £200 fine. 

A further 37 drivers were stopped and dealt with because they were not wearing seatbelts. This can result in a £100 fine.

Fifty-six of the 146 vehicles were commercial vehicles.

Sergeant Stafford of the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Warwickshire Police said “Vehicles travel at high speeds on the motorway network and drivers really need to concentrate on what they’re doing. The operation is about keeping people safe on our roads and we are looking for people that could pose serious danger to themselves and other road users. By stopping them and dealing with any offences being committed we hope to change their behaviour.”

Warwickshire Police continues to urge all road users to wear a seatbelt. Please don’t risk your life and the lives of other road users by not wearing one.

Since April 2019 Operation Tramline has detected over 400 offences on Warwickshire’s road network. These are drivers that could have caused death or serious injury to themselves or other users of Warwickshire’s Roads.

Warwickshire Police would like to thank Highways England for their ongoing support with Operation Tramline.


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  1. Hello. It seems we are now receiving duplication of emails giving the same information. Therefore I am cancelling my subscription. Regards, Elaine Archibald


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