900+ on the first day of Spring 2020!

We are celebrating this morning, it’s the first day of spring and the sun is shining (well it is at the time we are writing this) and let’s hope the rain takes a long break now for everyone’s sake!

Kenilworth Watch is also celebrating the fact that now over 900 residents across our community subscribe to our free crime alert/crime prevention emails that they receive the minute we put a post on our website. It’s been several years since we first started the website, which in the early days was the website for the Windy Arbour, Tulip Tree Avenue and Whitemoor Road “Crown Watch” Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Recognising that technology was stealing a march on things the “Crown Watch” group disbanded and we decided to just maintain a website, that also had an automatic email facility, to keep residents informed of crime in and around their community, crime prevention advice and results arising prosecutions. Over the several years the number of people following our website has grown and we have now reached over 900 residents that are signed up to our immediate updates by email.

For those that are savvy with social media we are also on Twitter (@kenilworthwatch ) and have grown our followers on that too with now over 530 followers. The benefit of having so many people signed up enables us to keep the community informed of the latest events in and around Kenilworth they need to know about as well as receiving timely advice and information. While we are independent we work alongside and closely with Warwickshire Police and their Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team so we can ensure things are as up to date as possible.

Earlier this year we launched a CCTV register for Kenilworth residents and within the space of just two months we have nearly 60 residents signed up! It’s a great facility that enables us to check with residents and potentially save our local police lots of time with investigations. We’d also like to thank Kenilworth Vibes on Facebook for all the support they have given, and continue to give us, with our posts. Lot’s more residents have subscribed as a result of seeing us on the Vibes site which does such a great job in communicating with the community.

So, we’d like to say thank you to all those that make up the 900+ that receive our updates, each one of you help make a difference by being vigilant and alert in our local community and above by caring about the place you live in. We have a great community in Kenilworth and we feel our subscribers are very much part of making that so.


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