Courier Scam in Kenilworth using Covid-19 Situation

Warwickshire Police and Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team are warning everyone to remain vigilant for themselves and others, particularly the vulnerable and elderly, after criminals tricked and stole thousands of pounds from a Kenilworth resident using the current Covid-19 emergency as a scam on Monday 23 March 2020. 

A resident at Rounds Hill in Kenilworth was contacted by telephone, the caller display showed “withheld number”. The offenders on the telephone call said they were police officers and wanted to do a ‘check’ concerning fraud.

The offenders then persuaded the householder into withdrawing £8000 from their bank account. The offenders told the householder to inform bank staff, if they questioned the withdrawal, to say that the money was to be given to a relative who is in self-isolation due to the Covid-19 emergency.

The description of the offender who then came and collected the money is female, 5″2, medium build with dark hair.

This is incident 267 of 23 March 2020


  • Police Officers DO NOT call residents by telephone about bank/money fraud and indeed DO NOT call residents randomly. PUT THE PHONE DOWN if you receive such a call
  • NEVER withdraw money from your bank account on the advice of someone you do not personally know – THERE ARE NO CIRCUMSTANCES that make such a request legitimate.
  • NEVER hand over money or agree for someone to visit your address to pick up your bank/credit cards or to hand over money – POLICE OFFICERS never collect such things and anyone else that you don’t know who seeks to do so IS A CRIMINAL.
  • NEVER give you bank details or PIN details to anyone else, ANY phone call or caller at a door that seeks this information IS NOT GENUINE however plausible them might seem to be.
  • DO NOT ring a telephone number that any such caller gives you to check they are genuine and always make sure that you have a dialling tone when you pick your phone back up after receiving such a call – if you have not got a dial tone replace the receiver several times to clear the line.
  • If you receive any such then call Warwickshire Police on 101.
  • If you look after an elderly or vulnerable person please make sure they are made aware and take all appropriate steps to protect them from receiving these type of callers.

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