WARNING – Drive Washing & Resurfacing Contractors

KENILWORTH’S Safer Neighbourhood Team is warning all householders this morning across the town and area about several individuals that have been and are calling on homes in and around Kenilworth offering to jet wash or re-tarmac household drives over the past few days.

In one incident earlier this week a Kenilworth householder was conned out several hundred pounds.

Leaflets have also been put through the doors of some homes offering these services too. Warwickshire Police are advising people to check traders out thoroughly before using them and to only use reputable contractors with a genuine postal address, landline telephone number and that Warwickshire Trading Standards can confirm are legitimate and trustworthy.

A police spokesperson said ” We need householders to follow our advice and avoid becoming a victim of this type of scam. When we get a call, it’s usually too late as the offenders will have conned the person out of what can be a considerable sum of money”.

Reports from the area suggest that a blue Ford Transit and a Silver Toyota are vehicles involved along with other vans that are touring the area, some, not all, of which have Eire (Republic of Ireland) vehicle registration number plates.

Please remain vigilant and avoid engaging doorstep callers offering these services either in person or by leaflet. Householders are further advised that if they have put pressure put on them to have any such work done by any of these individuals they should call Warwickshire Police for assistance on 101.


2 Replies to “WARNING – Drive Washing & Resurfacing Contractors”

  1. Blue transit with Eire plates on Dalehouse Lane last Friday. Bought to my attention by the erratic driving and the shouting from the 3 people inside it. Headed off towards Coventry.

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